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1. USA:

The US economy is the world’s largest in nominal GDP and its digital economy reached 13.6 trillon in 2021. The computerized economy upheld 7.7 million full-and low maintenance occupations or 5.0 percent. The aggregate work in the U.S. economy (155.2) million positions). By industry, the biggest quantities of jobs are given in computer system. Economy occupations were in PC frameworks plan and related administrations (2.1 million). The discount exchange is (1.8 million), telecom and broadcast communications (743,000).

The PC and electronic parts producing (683,000). By and large, yearly remuneration per work in the computerized economy approached $131,609 in 2019 contrasted with $73,665 in the general economy. Over the 2005–2021 period, normal pay developed somewhat quicker for advanced economy laborers (3.1 percent normal yearly rate) than for all specialists in the U.S. economy (2.7 percent). All the work and trades done by ecommerce and digital marketing and it stands on the first position of digital marketing’s. The digital economy is composed of infrastructure, e-commerce, and priced digital services.


Internet enterprise is the remote provide of hard work and merchandise over PC networks. It provide the aid of using techniques explicitly meant to get or set orders. Items offered via online enterprise are moreover alluded to as “cautiously asked.”. E enterprise yield is predicted because the retail or cut-price exchange. That aspect on cautiously asked hard work and merchandise offered over the internet or via a few different digital markets. For example, digital facts trade. The aspect is equal to feature as much as earnings received from the internet. It offers much less the fee of products offered.


Infrastructure is the primary touchable materials and organizational arrangements that support the presence of the digital economy
and computer networks are used for the digital economy; It includes basic information and communication technology, or ICT, goods and services of the digital economy.


China is the second digital competitive country in world. And its digital economy reached 41 trillion yuan ($5.36 trillion) last year,. Its ranking is second in the world. It is fair to say that the digital economy has emerged as a new engine for the country’s economic growth. A report titled “Digital China Development Report (2020)” recently released by the China Cyberspace Administration. It also shows that the added value of the core industries of the digital economy increased to 7.8% of the country’s GDP. According to the report, business revenues from data centers, cloud computing big data. So the Internet of Things in China increased by 22.2%, 85.8%, 35.2% and 17.7% year-on-year, respectively.

According to the report of internet marketing agency that the digital economy has brought new forms of business and new business patterns. It includes online education, online medical care, telework, livestreaming, and online travel. All of these are booming across the country, providing consumers with a richer and more diverse experience. At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, which ended last month, Chinese food supplier Meituan is a drone distribution system. It enabled by five self-developed technology functions: UAV, navigation control, artificial intelligence algorithms, route management, and communication systems.


Germany, with a GDP of US $ 2.54 trillion in 2021, is the fourth largest in the world economy. It is also Europe’s largest economy. The change from fixed retail action to web based digital business. buying. It helped the area record turnover of nearly EUR 73 billion as per the Federal Statistical Office. A new report likewise reasons that the super durable foundation of workspace working will support this turn of events. The internet-based blast has additionally given a lift to the coordination area, with around 3.6 billion bundle shipments sent through the country in 2020 – that is 17 percent higher than in the earlier year.


Japan is the third largest economy in the world according to the report of protech solutions internet marketing agency. Japanese and U.S. venture were adding to the U.S.- Japan Computerized Economy Discourse. That will guide of utilizing the comparatively developing structure for imparting. It is concerning guidelines at the virtual monetary framework, participation on network safety. And also proactively talking their comments on selling reliable utilization of simulated intelligence. Simultaneously adding to the improvement of virtual business sectors and foundation in 1/3 worldwide areas. In view of our revel in and commitments to date, notwithstanding current characteristics encompassing the virtual monetary framework comprising of the U.S.- Japan Culmination that came to pass for in April 2021, agents from every worldwide area make the resulting declaration concerning the course that the U.S. also Japan should find and metropolitan estimates that need to be handled.

 Promoting Digitization:

Man-made intelligence is working upon to fill in as a center innovation that is crucial for the development, all things considered. Against such a scenery, imaginative organizations engaged by computer based intelligence have been arising both in the U.S. furthermore Japan. The standards for simulated intelligence advancement and use have been defined at the OECD, G7 and G20. More ought to be done to build attention to these standards among a more extensive scope of nations through U.S.- Japan collaboration utilizing the APEC and other fora.

To fortify the intensity of both the U.S and Japan going ahead, the modern areas of the two nations present in the connection to this assertion a choice of models for the successful utilization of artificial intelligence and related advanced advances in organizations.

5. UK:

The UK has the sixth largest economy in the world. GDP in 2021 was $ 1.79 trillion, an increase of 1.4% from last year. The UK advanced area utilizes around 1.5 million individuals and added around £150bn to the UK economy in 2019. Organizations in the advanced economy apply their tech and ability to take care of issues and upgrade everyday administrations, giving advantages to shoppers across food conveyance, wellbeing, energy, and a lot more areas. At tech UK, our point is to guarantee the UK stays perhaps the best spot to begin and grow a tech firm with benefits for our kin, society, economy and planet.


France’s GDP in 2021 is $ 1.19 trillion, ranking 6th in the world according to the report of protech solutions internet marketing agency . The advanced economy is the most powerful area of the world economy. Global advancement of French computerized organizations and the engaging quality of the public region for unfamiliar organizations are needs. The estimated French worldwide nations are ten organizations in the media communications and programming area, while new computerized specialties (reasonable city, shrewd lodging and transport, connected articles, e-wellbeing) give development drivers to many creative SMEs in France. With five computerized advancement focuses working with neighborhood collaborations between the exploration and private areas, and organization of broadcast communications foundations among the best on the planet as far as quality, accessibility, effectiveness and seriousness, France is a profoundly appealing area and is as of now drawing in computerized monsters from abroad.


South Korea, with a GDP of $877.8 billion in 2021, is the 7th largest world economy. The Korean New Arrangement has focused on two columns – the Green New Arrangement and the Advanced New Arrangement. While the Green New Arrangement is about progressing of South Korea to a net-zero emanations economy, the Advanced New Arrangement would establish the frameworks for a computerized economy that will prod financial development and advancement.

Data and correspondences advancements (ICT) are changing the worldwide economy. The new advanced economy is arising with advanced internet like 5G, enormous information, and man-made reasoning (computer based intelligence). IHS Market gauges that by 2035 the 5G worldwide worth chain will be valued at $3.6 trillion and backing 22.3 million positions. Simulated intelligence and enormous information are relied upon to have comparative monetary effects.


India is the eighth largest economy in the world according to the report of protech solutions internet marketing agency. Inside 2021 itself, in the final quarter, there are 825 million Indian web clients instead of the 795.18 million toward the beginning of the year, mirroring an inexact ascent of 3.8 percent. Indians’ commitment to computerized items and administrations has additionally ascended in equal. In 2020, India established 14% of the complete 2018 billion application establishments on the planet. As an outcome, India has arisen as one of the greatest and quickest developing advanced shopper bases which are digitalizing quicker than a large number of the more experienced economies of the world.

This ascent in web entrance and cell phone possession are positive ramifications. It is perfect digital business as homegrown web-based business. It rely upon to arrive at INR 7 need crore continuously 2024, nearly multiplying by 2027. The basic food item and style areas are the fundamental drivers of this advanced financial development, wherein Indian retail as of now establishes the biggest business in the country, adding to more than 10% of the GDP (Gross domestic product), and 8 percent of work roads.


Canada’s GDP in 2019 was $ 436.5 billion, rounding off the top 10 countries in the world by GDP. Canada has a well-developed power sector with proven world’s third largest oil reserves and having a best growth in digital economy . Bringing together data, tools and reports from across the government to provide his public with the latest information on digital economy and society. the number of people working in Canada’s digital economy dropped to just over 2 million. The number includes ICT professionals working in the ICT sector, ICT professionals working in non-ICT sectors and non-ICT professionals working in the ICT sector.

10. ITALY:

The tenth largest GDP in the world belongs to Italy, reaching US $ 377.5 billion in 2021, an increase of 0.3% compared to earlier report. The utilization of advanced advances by endeavors and the conveyance of online public administrations is near normal. Contrasted with last year, Italy gained ground on Availability, specifically through enhancements in NGA access. Notwithstanding, its low exhibition in computerized abilities chances going about as a brake on the further advancement of its advanced economy and with a big shadow economy that Faced with growth.

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