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The European Commission, the chief arm of the European Union, has reported designs to universal charger for cell phone. And other hardware makers to fit a typical USB-C charging port on their gadgets. The proposition is probably going to biggestly affect Apple, which keeps on utilizing its exclusive Lightning connector. As compared to USB-C connector took on by the vast majority of its rivals. The standards prepared a plan for individual to eliminate electronic waste. It allowed to re utilize the existing chargers and links when they purchase a new hardware.

Notwithstanding telephones, the principles will apply to different gadgets like tablets, earphones, convenient speakers, videogame control center, and cameras. Makers will likewise be compelled to make their quick charging principles interoperable. Under the proposition, clients will actually want to purchase new gadgets without an included charger.

The proposition just cover gadgets utilizing wired, not remote, chargers. EU official Thierry Breton said in a question and answer session, said that there is a lot of space for development on remote. A representative for the Commission therefore affirmed to The Verge that a USB-C port is just obligatory for gadgets that charge utilizing a link. Yet, on the off chance that a gadget charges solely by means of remote, similar to Apples supposed port less iPhone, there be no necessity for a USB-C charging port.

Now Manufacturer will create the universal charger for all equipment’s.

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