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Cities With Fastest 5g Mobile Internet Speed:

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1. Jeonju, South Korea:

Jeonju, the 16th largest city in South Korea, has the fastest 5G download speed in the world. According to Open signal’s analysis, the average download speed for residents is 415.6 Mbps, which is 15% faster than the national average in South Korea. However, upload speeds are still slower than in many other cities, lagging behind metropolitan areas such as Tokyo and Barcelona. Taiwan’s Jeonju City has the second-highest 5G download speed after all states at 360.1 Mbps, and Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh is third at 317.3 Mbps.

2. Hsinchu City, Taiwan:

Despite being only the 7th largest city by population in Taiwan, Hsinchu City has the second-fastest 5G speeds in the world. It has an average download speed of 360.1Mbps and an upload speed of 41.0Mbps.

3. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

Riyadh is the first capital city with the fastest 5G speeds on this list. It experiences an average download speed of 317.3Mbps and an upload speed of 27.0Mbps. This is more than a 38% increase from the national average of 229.8Mbps.

4. Dubai, UAE:

The largest city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, has an average download speed of 285.4 Mbps and an upload speed of 25.5 Mbps. Overall, the country saw a 6.1%  improvement in 4G connectivity, with 13.1% availability most of the time.

5. Tokyo, Japan:

It might come as a surprise that a megacity like Tokyo – with a population of more than 37 million – has fast 5G speeds. Across most cities, 5G networks average download speeds of 277.5 Mbps and upload speeds of 21.9 Mbps.

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6. Melbourne, Australia:

Melbourne is the first country in the Southern Hemisphere to make this list! It beats some of the region’s best-connected cities like Sydney and Auckland. The city had average upload and download speeds of 257.6 Mbps and 19.3 Mbps, respectively.

7. Zurich, Switzerland:

Zurich, Switzerland takes home the pie with the fastest 5G speeds in Europe. Along with having a fast average download speed of 245.1 Mbps, the city has the fastest download speed of 48.3 Mbps on this list.

8. Dublin, Ireland:

Another capital included in this list is Dublin, Ireland. It had an average download speed of 194.0 Mbps and an upload speed of 20.2 Mbps. It is ahead of other major urban centers in the region such as London and Edinburgh when it comes to 5G.

9. Barcelona, Spain:

As a major tourist destination in Spain, Barcelona can connect residents and tourists with its super-fast 5G network! The city had an average download speed of 188.8 Mbps and an upload speed of 24.3 Mbps.

10. Calgary, Canada:

Another popular tourist destination on this list is Calgary. It is a favorite winter destination for locals and visitors alike. It has download and upload speeds of 184.1 Mbps and 22.3 Mbps, respectively. It outstrips other major population centers in Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

5G can also make effects in Pakistan:

If Pakistan will launch 5g internet that will be considered as the best step in Pakistan technology. It will increase the technology development in Pakistan. So Pakistan needs to launch a 5g internet service to make everything easier and move towards the online world.

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