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Highest Twitter Users By Country

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United States (57.75 million)

According to a 2022 report from the Pew Research Center, about 70% of Americans use social media to “connect with each other, engage in news content, share information, and enjoy themselves. YouTube and Facebook are the most widely usage online platforms in  328 million countries. But Twitter is still very popular and 90% of Americans are familiar with this site.

Japan (58.2 million)

Japan occupies a surprisingly modest position in terms of time spent on social media for countries involved in cutting-edge technology, with  51 minutes well below the world average of 2 hours and 25 minutes. However, this behavior has changed. In 2021, Shailesh Rao, Twitter’s Vice President of Asia Pacific and Latin America,  said that “usages have more than quintupled in a very short period of time.”

India (11.45 million)

India is one of the world’s top three internet markets with nearly 700 million users. Twitter is constantly competing with  the Government of India for platform content. An Indian court ruling in July 2021 states that the platform is “not fully compliant” with the country’s new information technology law.

Brazil (19.05 million)

Latin America’s largest country is an up-and-coming tech star, with more than three-quarters of Internet users described in the Sprinklr blog as “very active.” According to the survey, “On average, there are seven social media profiles in the age group of 15-32 years. The most important is Facebook, 96% have profiles, YouTube (79%), Google + ( 67%), followed by  Twitter (64%). Percent). ”

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United Kingdom (19.05 million)

In a country  of 68.05 million people, Internet penetration will be 96% as of 2022. In a 2022 YouGov poll, Twitter is ranked as the third  most popular social media platform in the UK after Facebook and Instagram.

Indonesia (17.55 million)

In January 2022, Indonesia had 202.6 million Internet users in  more than 270 million countries. That number includes about 170 million social media users in  Southeast Asian countries as of early 2022, an increase of 10 million over the last 12 months.

Turkey (16.25 million)

Twitter is considered the fourth most popular social media platform in the country with 82 million inhabitants. Turkish opposition politicians and activists have recently expressed frustration at the government’s plan to put increasing pressure on social networking sites like Twitter.

Saudi Arabia (14.35 million)

A 2022 report by Global Media Insight describes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as “a social media powerhouse”. The country of 35 million people has 33.58 million active internet users, nearly 80% of whom are active on social networking sites, with Twitter being the fourth most popular platform.

Mexico (14 million)

According to the Digital Media News Report, the rate of Internet usage in Mexico is around 65%, and for those with access to Internet services, 76% said they use social media platforms. festival. The social media section of the report concludes: “We know that 67% of Internet users say they use Facebook for information retrieval, 42% of YouTube, 41% of WhatsApp, 23% of Twitter, 19% of Facebook Messenger and 15 % Instagram.

Thailand (11.5 million)

According to a report from WikiGender, this Southeast Asian country has about 70 million people and “has one of the youngest online markets in the world.” According to the same report, Twitter was “one of the key social networks that  had a huge impact on Thai culture.”

France (10.2 million)

France, with its 67 million people, has one of the highest internet penetration rates in Europe, with nearly 80% connected. Twitter is now considered the second most popular social media platform in France after Facebook.

Philippines (10.2 million)

The archipelagic state of Southeast Asia, with a population of over 108 million, seems to be obsessed with social media sites such as Twitter, with an increase of 16 million users (+ 22%). According to a We Is Social report, “The Philippines spends an average of 4 hours and 15 minutes  on social media every day, leading the world’s usage rankings for the sixth consecutive year.”

Spain (9.35 million)

According to IAB Spain’s annual Social Media Report study, Spain now has more than 25 million social media users. A corporate culture profile said: “Twitter is also very popular in Spain. The platform uses the English language  to encourage networking globally.”

Canada (8 million)

Research conducted by Ryerson University shows that there are  key differences between  social media usage in Canada and the United States. For example, Twitter is proportionally more popular in Canada than in the United States, while smartphone usage for accessing the social network is much lower  north of the border.

Germany (7.8 million)

More than 75% of Germans (over the age of 14) use the Internet in some way, according to a corporate culture profile. The study adds that in a country of 83 million people, “more than 75% of them are registered on at least one social  network and spend about a quarter of  their time online  on these networks”.

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